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Site Description

Cabo Dos Bahías is considered the most beautiful area within the seacoast Protected Areas system due to the landsCabo contrast between its reddish stones and the blue sea. It has an extraordinary fauna diversity as it is not only inhabited by Magellanic penguins but also by ‘sea wolves’ (Otaria flavescens), wild llamas and cormorants, among other typical species. Some of the sea birds that inhabit the area use this place as their sole breeding place.

The total surface of the Marine Park is of 132,124 hectares and it is composed by coast, insular and marine (bed and subsoil) territory and its airspace, extending from Moreno Isle approximately to Quintano Isle, between the towns of Camarones and Comodoro Rivadavia, in the North area of San Jorge Gulf.

This park was created in August 2007 by means of a National decree signed by former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner and by the present governor of the Chubut province, Mario Das Neves. The purpose of such park is the creation of a conservation area, administration and rational use of sea and land species and its respective environments.

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One of the greatest attractions of this Reservation is the possibility of walking among the penguins within their environment; interacting with them without disturbing them, as the infrastructure for the tourist is far from the area where the birds live and tries to impact as less as possible the area.

The visitor, as living together for some hours with the penguins, can follow its habits, watch closely how they feed their pigeons, know which their mating rites are, which the fights to defend the territory are and how they build their nests to refuge the whole family.

Every year the birds arrive to this place to nest, mate, have their pigeons and change their feathers and then they migrate back towards the Northeast of South America and cyclically return the following year.

Though the visitor can be at few centimeters away from the penguins, they should never be disturbed or touched. One must not forget that it is a Protected Area, a special place devoted to protect their natural environment enabling in this way, an effective fauna protection and conservation. Moreover, though penguins are inoffensive in normal conditions, when they feel menaced, they defend themselves with their peak which is strong and sharp.

Where is it and how do we reach the place?

On the Atlantic coast and half way between Rawson and Comodoro Rivadavia, there is a small town called Camarones (shrimp). The way to reach the place by land is taking National Route No 3 and when arriving to Kilometer 1,640 you can take Provincial Route No 30 towards the East, to Camarones, a charming town located on the shores of the bay also called Camarones. Here you will find hotels and typical restaurants which specialty is fish and seafood. 30 Km Southwards, Cabo Dos Bahias Reservation is located.

Mapa Cabo Dos Bahias

The ticket to the Protected Area costs AR$2 for Chubut’s residents, AR$6 for Argentines and AR$20 for foreigners. All fares are for only one person.


The entrance to the reservation is by the ranger’s position, where the road debouches. There the visitor pays the ticket and receives information on the different tracks and the way to conduct oneself.

The parking area for vehicles is inside the reservation; therefore the visitor should be very careful when traversing those meters to the parking area.

Once in the tracks area, you will see that the permitted access area is demarked by a wire fence, please respect it!